What does Fream mean?

Fream is a 1950’s slang term defined as ‘someone who doesn't fit in, an outcast or outsider’. We found this word and meaning after months of searching for an ideal name that represented how we identified ourselves at the time. However, now our work is more reflective of this definition, rather than solely associating the definition with our own self representation.

Can I purchase gear in person?

Yes, you can. BLDG currently is carrying limited Fream gear in their storefront, SHP Vintage. There, you can find the limited Fream gear that we have supplied to them, along with other vintage finds. Contact us or SHP Vintage for any questions regarding in person purchases for Fream gear.

Why doesn’t my tag on my garment have a size labeled on it?

We assigned each size shirt to a specific color in the CMYK color breakdown. Cyan is equivalent to a Small, Magenta is equivalent to a Medium, Yellow is equivalent to a Large, and Key (Black) is equivalent to Extra Larges. As for XXL’s, we will usually double up on the black tag to differentiate it from the regular Extra Large. So although, the tag does not have the sizes spelled out on them, they are assigned to a specific color that represents it.

Our next round of tags will likely feature a different system.

Do you hire interns?

We have been lucky to have help from our pals when we need it, however, hiring an intern is not an opportunity at the moment. If things change, then we will make sure the call goes live on our social media accounts.

Who do you collaborate with?

Fream collaborates mostly with our friends. Working and collaborating with those around us fuel both our relationships and our creativity. We are lucky to have some kick-ass friends with many talents and to work with them is an absolute honor.

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